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Best Coffee Bean Roasting in Salina

We are the Revital U Brew coffee bean roastery and we are proud to say we roast beans for a variety of businesses and individuals in the local area. We use some of the best roasting equipment available, and our expert roaster has the passion, skills and experience to judge the processing of each batch to a perfect, split-second finish. Green coffee is transformed into aromatic brown beans and that incredible aroma is released. We’re proud of the fantastic flavours that our coffee bean roasting produces - drop us a line through our booking form if you'd like to learn more

More than just a caffeine hit

Our customers love coffee, and we’re always being asked about our roasting methods and sources. So we are excited to now be offering a new range of courses for coffee lovers. The perfect gift for a loved one or a great treat for yourself, our course covers the journey from bean to cup and lets attendees in on some of the secrets of the barista trade!

A Strong Pedigree

Our roaster has a fantastic pedigree, expertly trained and coached through the process of learning to roast. The aim of the game is always to bring the very best possible out of each batch, to accentuate the strengths and nuances of each particular bean. We have experience in producing excellent roasts from coffee grown across the world, from Sumatra and Thailand to Papua New Guinea and Kenya, so wherever your beans come from, rest assured your roast is in a safe pair of hands.


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